Paragon Motor Club Review


PROS / You have the option to pay monthly or annually, and one additional adult is covered for free.

CONS / Retail discounts and travel-interruption reimbursement aren't available with the basic plan.

VERDICT / The Advantage plan's 100-mile towing radius makes Paragon a legitimate roadside service. However, the Classic plan is basic.

Paragon Motor Club is an automotive service company that offers two tiers of emergency roadside assistance to its members, in addition to its extended warranty and tire and wheel services. While the basic Classic Roadside plan provides the essentials, the Advantage plan is where Paragon Motor Club shines.

Paragon Motor Club

Upon joining the auto club, you are given the option to pay annually or monthly. If you choose to pay annually, there is no signup fee. However, if you choose to pay monthly, a small one-time fee is applied to your first bill. Each membership covers you and one additional adult household member. Unlike some other breakdown services, your Paragon Motor Club membership applies to you, not a specific vehicle, so you can receive roadside assistance for whichever car you’re driving. This is extremely helpful if you own multiple vehicles or are driving a family member or friend's car.

  1. The price of the basic membership package.
    Less is better.
  2. 10 Paragon Motor Club
    69.95 Dollars
  3. 52 Dollars
  4. 79.95 Dollars
  5. 78 Dollars
  6. Category Average
    67.07 Dollars

Paragon Motor Club offers two roadside service plans. The Classic Roadside plan is a basic membership that provides core coverage for roadside emergencies. The Advantage plan is a premium membership, providing coverage for cars and motorcycles, and delivering roadside service coverage as well as several bonus features, like member discounts and emergency services. These extras make Paragon's premium plan a serious contender among roadside assistance services.

The Classic Roadside plan provides 24-hour towing services up to 15 miles from where your car is stranded, and the Advantage plan provides towing up to 100 miles. The Advantage plan also provides extrication and winching, flat-tire changing, vehicle-fluid delivery, lost key and lockout services, and battery jump-starts. The Advantage plan covers minor mechanical adjustments, with a reimbursement benefit for that service ranging from $50 to $100, depending on the plan. Paragon Motor Club doesn’t provide an on-time arrival guarantee, and travel-interruption expenses (with a benefit of $1,000) are only covered with the Advantage membership. The basic plan does not include retail discounts, but the Advantage plan does.

You receive several noteworthy extras with the Advantage plan, including customized trip routing. You can log on to Paragon’s site to request a trip-routing package. The service will create a customized route for you and include maps, points of interest, hotels and discount coupons related to your travel plans.

Another extra is the stolen-vehicle reimbursement, which will reimburse you up to $1,000 to cover emergency transportation costs if your car is stolen when you’re over 100 miles from home. The company also provides reimbursement for ambulance services and legal fees for traffic violation charges, given that you’re able to prove that you were wrongly accused. The Advantage plan includes some VIP services, such as ATM location assistance, travel agency services and a personal concierge.

Paragon Motor Club provides excellent customer service. There is a toll-free customer service phone number for answering questions of both prospective and current members. You should note that this line is for nonemergency calls. Email support and a thorough FAQs section are available on the website.


Paragon Motor Club may not be as well-known as our top roadside assistance providers, but its premium Advantage plan provides a decent level of roadside assistance and nationwide coverage. The Classic plan lacks important features, such as travel-interruption reimbursement, which is why we recommend the Advantage plan if you sign up with this company.

Paragon Motor Club