Good Sam Roadside Assistance Review


PROS / Good Sam Roadside Assistance does not set limits for how far the company will provide towing services.

CONS / Platinum Plus Auto memberships don't include travel-planning services or legal-fee reimbursements.

VERDICT / Good Sam Roadside Assistance is the premier RV roadside service with three packages for RV drivers. It is also a great option for auto drivers with its many benefits.

RV owners are probably aware of the Good Sam RV Club and its great benefits, but you don't have to own an RV to take advantage of the emergency roadside assistance plans provided by this service-oriented company. Good Sam Roadside Assistance is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner because of its reliable service plans, family coverage, and liberal discounts and benefits.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance
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Good Sam Roadside Assistance gives you all the roadside services you’d expect and offers the largest coverage area in the industry, providing service in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The service offers three coverage plans for members who own RVs – Standard, Platinum and Platinum Plus. The Platinum Plus Auto plan is for those who do not own an RV.

All plans provide 24-hour, roadside-assistance dispatch with an unlimited distance for towing to get your vehicle to the nearest service station. This is an excellent benefit, as you won't have to worry about paying out of pocket for going over a covered mileage limit. The company also provides flat-tire service, emergency fuel and fluid delivery, lost key and lock-out services, and dead-battery services.

If your vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles from home, a travel-interruption reimbursement is available to help with unexpected costs for meals, lodging and transportation expenses. The amount covered starts at $1,000 and increases, depending on the plan you choose.


With each plan, all of your street-legal vehicles are covered including cars, mini-vans, SUVs, pick-ups and recreational vehicle trailers. Good Sam Roadside Assistance covers the member rather than specific vehicles. Whether you choose a basic or premium membership, your membership automatically covers you, your spouse and dependent children under 25 years of age.

One of the most impressive features of Good Sam Roadside Assistance is that the coverage area spans the entire United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This is the widest range of coverage offered by any breakdown service company. Knowing that you can get help regardless of where you are in North America is assuring if you are planning a road trip cross country or across the border.

While the Platinum Plus Auto plan is designed for members who do not own an RV, you can always switch if you purchase a mobile home in the future. This is a great plan that covers your spouse and children with all the essential services you will need, like unlimited-distance towing, locksmith, flat-tire and battery services. However, it doesn’t have certain specialized services that are included in the Platinum Plus RV services, like travel-planning services or legal-fee reimbursements.

This company has the best RV breakdown services available, including the bonus of the RV Technical Assistance Hotline, where you can call for assistance from an RV technician. The company also has a tire-replacement service that will help locate, deliver and install a new tire if your RV does not have a spare.


Good Sam Roadside Assistance includes several extras with its memberships such as an emergency medical referral service. The company will find you legal and medical help and make travel arrangements on your behalf if you experience a medical emergency on the road. It also offers emergency pet transport for RV owners to make sure your pets are properly cared for if you experience a medical emergency.

 Retail discounts are also included with each RV membership, with the best ones reserved for the Platinum Plus members. With the Standard RV membership, you receive 15 percent off parts and labor at all AAMCO centers. The Platinum and Platinum Plus memberships offer up to 10 percent off nondiscounted room rates at over 7,000 hotels and motels, and up to 25 percent off vehicle rentals at major car rental companies.

RV Platinum Plus special benefits include access to special discounts at more than 90,000 restaurants, hotels and retail shops across Canada and the United States. Members of this plan also have access to VIP concierge and travel agent services. The agents will help you plan trips and find the best deals and packages for lodging, food, entertainment and other services.

While the Platinum Plus Auto plan does not include any concierge or travel agent services, it has many of the same discounts the RV plans do, including discounts on hotels and rental cars, emergency medical referral service, and repair service discounts at AAMCO service centers. Good Sam Club also offers a $5,000 theft reward to help encourage the return of your vehicle in case it is stolen.

Help & Support

Good Sam Roadside Assistance provides a toll-free phone number for customer service calls Monday through Friday. Good Sam has an informative, easy-to-navigate website where you can get detailed information about each of its plans, from the most basic Auto Platinum plan up to the RV Platinum Plus plan. An email form is available on the website, as is a FAQs section that covers the essential elements of the company's services. Most of the information you need when choosing a plan will be on the website, but customer service is readily available to answer questions as well.


Good Sam is the premier RV roadside assistance service, offering three packages to RV owners. While Good Sam specializes in RV service, it is also a great option for standard vehicle owners. The only downside with the car-only package is it doesn't offer travel-planning services or legal-fee reimbursements. Good Sam has services that show it is willing to go the extra mile, like emergency pet transport and a service that will tow your car to the nearest service station, regardless of the distance, without charging extra. With its wide coverage area across North America, you can be confident that you'll get the help you need, no matter where the road takes you.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance