Allstate Motor Club Review


PROS / Allstate Motor Club offers a GPS-enabled mobile app that shows dispatchers where you are stranded.

CONS / With the basic plan you have to pay extra for RV, motorcycle and trailer coverage.

VERDICT / Allstate Motor Club has great plan options, and the on-time guarantee helps ensure that you won't be left stranded for long.

Our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, Allstate Motor Club, offers comprehensive services, competitively priced plans and generous membership benefits. The company has over 50 years of reliable service behind it. Allstate Motor Club is the best roadside assistance service available because its range of services and plans is more expansive than most of the other motor clubs we reviewed.

Allstate Motor Club
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  2. 1 Allstate Motor Club
    52 Dollars
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    67.07 Dollars


This emergency roadside assistance service offers three levels of membership plans, starting with the Roadside Advantage plan, then upgrading to the Deluxe plan and the Platinum Elite plan. Each plan is an annual membership with no additional sign-up fee lurking in the fine print. Coverage of one additional adult family member with a valid driver's license is included with each of the three plans, and you can add more members to any plan for a small annual fee.

When you become a member of any of Allstate Motor Club's plans, you gain access to a vast array of roadside services. Each plan includes 24-hour service from over 35,000 providers that are part of the nationwide network, as well as a whole range of important roadside services. While the benefit allowances vary per plan, the quality of the services does not. Tire-change service, in case you get a flat tire or worse, is included with every plan, as are towing, fuel-delivery, dead-battery and lock-out services. Winching services are not included, so you will have to pay to get pulled out of a hole, mud or a ditch.

One of the best features Allstate Motor Club offers is the 30-minute, on-time arrival guarantee. This service ensures you’ll receive help within 30 minutes of the estimated time of arrival or Allstate will give you a 25-percent discount off next year's membership charge. Unlike other breakdown services, the qualified service providers used by Allstate hustle to get to you and get you back on the road. It is great to know that if you ever become stranded you won't have to wait for hours for a rescue service to get to you.

The biggest differences in each road service plan is the dollar amount of covered service. The Roadside Advantage plan covers up to $100 for roadside assistance, up to $500 towards an arrest bond certificate and $750 of trip interruption reimbursement. As you upgrade to the premium plans, the dollar amounts for these services increase.

If your vehicle breaks down when you’re far from home, Allstate Motor Club covers travel interruption expenses. This particular service reimburses you a certain amount (depending on your plan) that pays for hotel, transportation and food expenses if your car breaks down 100 miles or more from home.


The road service plans cover personal automobiles, light trucks, vans and SUVs. The basic Roadside Advantage plan does not include coverage for RVs, motorcycles or trailers, although you can purchase coverage at an additional cost.

The RV Road Help plan includes all the same breakdown services found in the other plans and gives you access to personal concierge assistance available 24 hours a day. You can receive up to $1,500 travel interruption benefits to cover meals and lodging expenses with the RV Road Help plan.


When you become a member of the Allstate Motor Club, you receive dozens of extra benefits. One of the most impressive extras you’ll receive with Allstate is the online travel planning tool, TRIP-PLAN, which is a selection of tools you won’t find with any other roadside assistance plan. Allstate has partnered with Rand McNally to help you create a personalized road trip, including detailed premier maps and directions, travel and tourist information, road construction maps, lists of campgrounds and recommended hotels along your route. A whole cache of online maps is also available to members, and you can find them on Allstate Motor Club’s site.

 A whole slew of retail discounts are provided with Allstate Motor Club. One of these is the flight discounts it offers around the globe, thanks to a partnership with CWT Travel. The Express Air Search flight search widget on Allstate’s site helps you quickly find the lowest flight prices available.

Several other members-only discounts are offered when you join this auto club. For example, you get rental car savings, which can include upgrades like extra days to rent your car and additional mileage allowance. Dining discounts offer you up to 50 percent in savings at over 55,000 restaurants nationwide. You’ll also receive discounts on health and beauty services at salons, gyms and spas, shopping at over 30,000 participating stores, recreation, movies, auto stores, and related services. You can also get discounts off Fannie May chocolates (20 percent) and Teleflora flowers (15 percent).

Allstate has a partnership with T-Mobile and offers 6 percent off reoccurring charges on your cell phone bill if you’re an Allstate member. Another extra for smartphone users is the mobile app, which gives you one-touch access to customer service. The app uses your phone's GPS tools to pinpoint your exact location when you call in for assistance and reduces the time it takes help to reach you. The company will also send your reference number, service info and estimated time of arrival directly to your phone.

Allstate has a savings calculator on its site, where you can check various services you use on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis to see how much you’d save in a year with the retail discounts offered with the roadside assistance plans.

Driver resources is a helpful extra you’ll find on Allstate’s site. There are driving safety tips, vehicle safety ratings, recall information and car buying services that offer members upfront prices in writing. The company also offers a Price Protection Certificate. And if you want to research the history of a car before buying it, Allstate offers free CARFAX reports with the Platinum Elite plan and 25 percent off CARFAX reports with the other plans.

An arrest bond certificate, which is a reimbursement in case you’re wrongly arrested for certain moving traffic violations, is offered with each plan. The predetermined benefits vary depending on the plan. Residents of California and Colorado, however, are not able to receive the arrest bond reimbursement, and the reimbursement amount varies by state.

Help & Support

Allstate Motor Club is easy to reach for questions. The company offers a toll-free customer service phone number that’s available 12 hours a day. There are separate phone numbers for the Travel Center and the 24-hour roadside assistance line. A regular mail address is also provided, and a FAQs section answers commonly asked questions.

For roadside assistance no matter your location, you can call the toll-free number to reach the emergency roadside assistance line and 24-hour dispatch center.


Allstate Motor Club is our top-rated roadside assistance service. It delivers reliable and professional emergency roadside assistance, no matter your location. The peace of mind you get from the on-time guarantee, coupled with all the generous discounts and deals available to members, make Allstate Motor Club the best emergency roadside assistance service available.

Allstate Motor Club